Jack Mullen
Activist Post

Recently, Spartanburg County, S.C., Sheriff, Chuck Wright, caused a bit of a stir by admitting publicly that law enforcement cannot provide safety against common crimes of violence. Sheriff Chuck Wright was quoted as saying, “Our form of justice is not making it.” He later suggested that “It’s too bad someone with a concealed weapons permit didn’t walk by. That would fix it.” These comments came about after a man grabbed a woman who was walking her dog in a park, the man allegedly choked the woman and made her take off her clothing and tried to rape her. [1]

After hearing Wright’s courageous and truthful remarks a Spartanburg County Councilman Michael Brown “launched a verbal attack on Wright, referring to his comments regarding Right-to-Carry as ‘irresponsible, reprehensible [sic] and… incendiary.’ [2] Brown went on to describe his own lack of faith in law-abiding citizens, stating, “People say Spartanburg is coming to a boiling point and this is just the opportunity for people who are not trained law enforcement officials, people who do not have extensive training and the experience, to handle weapons.”

Michael Brown’s mouthful is an “auto-reply” emotional outburst preprogrammed into his head, and millions like him, by a highly advanced system of mind control to disarm Americans against violent crimes — including crimes against citizens by government.



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