Homeowner stunned as hailstorm showers his garden with goo-like material

Posted: January 31, 2012 in NEWS
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Following a freak weather storm this week, transparent, slippery, marble-sized spheres rained down on Steve Hornsby’s garden in Southwest England

Emma Reynolds and Paul Sims
Mail Online
January 31, 2012

… That is what Steve Hornsby, 61, saw when he was caught in a freak 20-second hail storm.

… After the storm stopped he realised that, in addition to the hailstones, the cloud had also deposited the transparent, marble-sized objects on the lawn.

To preserve the evidence from last Thursday’s storm, Mr Hornsby, an aircraft engineer, scooped some into a jar for a closer look.

He said yesterday: ‘It looked like broken glass. They were definitely not there before the storm.

‘There must be about 20 complete spheres. I’ve been an aircraft engineer for many years and I’ve never seen anything like it.’



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