Business As Usual at the FDA

Posted: January 27, 2012 in FINANCIAL, HEALTH, NEWS
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Karen De Coster, Contributing Writer
Activist Post

This story in the Wall Street Journal barely made a splash last week – “FDA Panelists Had Ties to Bayer.” Three advisors who had financial ties to Bayer AG were invited to serve on a “safety committee” for the FDA to assess the safety of four Bayer AG birth control drugs. All three individuals were either paid consultants, researchers, or speakers. Here’s a paragraph from the article:

Jill Hartzler Warner, an FDA official who oversees advisory committees, said the agency is ‘prohibited from giving the public any information contained in a financial disclosure’ from committee members. When picking committees, the FDA weighs ‘whether a meeting would affect the financial interest’ of a panelist. The agency also does ‘look at whether past relationships would give the appearance of being a conflict,’ she said.
Apparently, having worked for Bayer and getting paid by the company does not qualify as a past relationship that would give the appearance of being a conflict. Business as usual at one of the government’s largest and most invincible criminal organizations.



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