Investigation Underway After Man, 76, Injured In Police Custody

Posted: January 26, 2012 in NEWS, POLICE STATE
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(Photo Credit: KDKA)
(Photo Credit: KDKA)

PITTSBURGH (KDKA) -Was a 76-year-old man beaten by police during a traffic stop?

Ruffing was stopped by police on Waddell Avenue because a man in his car was wanted by police.

“His injuries were facial fractures which included the orbital bone, the maxillary sinus. He also ended up with inner-cranial bleeding. He was rushed to the hospital for emergency surgery, I believe on Jan. 9, where they had to put a drain actually in his skull to drain the blood and take the pressure off his brain,” Behling said.


  1. Glenn Weyant says:

    Want to see more, go to:, you wont believe it! It’s like Germany 1938.

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