The Police State Responds: Kevin Hayden Receives Threats for Speaking Out Against Police Corruption

Posted: January 20, 2012 in FREEDOM, NEWS, POLICE STATE
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Kevin Hayden –
Update at end –

In a follow-up to my recent interview on Adam vs. the Man, it would appear as though many police officers within the New Orleans Police Department are … upset … with what I said. I’ve received threats, comments, condemning messages, and more from many officers that I once considered friends or colleagues. The subject and rhetoric of many of these messages resonates with cognitive dissonance, suggesting that I’m the bad guy for talking about these subjects, or that I have an agenda by speaking out against the police state.

Well, they are partially correct. My agenda is to awaken the average person to just how corrupt their police department truly is. It is truly unfathomable for most, including some police officers. They have blinders on, not even recognizing the injustices that they perpetrate. I have found that the common person is shocked by what I once considered a daily routine, or normal practice, as a police officer and that needs to change. Light needs to be cast upon the shadows within law enforcement, and especially within the ranks of the New Orleans Police Department. It is truly more corrupt than even Hollywood portrays it as….



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