Where Does Our National Policy Come From? Think-Tanks Explained

Posted: January 12, 2012 in NEWS, POLITICS
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Tony Cartalucci, Contributing Writer
Activist Post

I was shocked to see the corporate-financier Lowy Institute of Australia tweet a story explaining the ins-and-outs of think-tanks. I was equally shocked to actually read the article, titled “Devaluing the Think Tank,” written by Tevi Troy and published in “National Affairs.” It describes what is basically an extra-legal process where national policy is not produced by our elected representatives within the legislative branch, but rather in these policy think-tanks and in some cases, even described as being “marketed.”

Image: “Your nation’s policy has been brought to you by….” These represent just some of the corporate sponsors of just one single think tank (the Brookings Institution) that creates both foreign and domestic policy for the United States, extra-legally beyond the nation’s legislative branch, as well as the blueprints for America’s future wars of conquest. Afterward, all that remains is for “elected representatives” to rubber stamp it and for the corporate-media to sell it to an unsuspecting public



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