Caught on Tape: Oklahoma Trooper Loses It & Slaps Cell Phone Out of Videographer’s Hands

Posted: January 9, 2012 in FREEDOM, NEWS, POLICE STATE
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Chris | InformationLiberation

Awesome video from youtuber “faulkingtruth,” he records police with his cell phone and one of the cops completely loses it and violently swipes his cell phone out of his hands. The man in the video stands up for himself and points out how the cop is a hypocrite, thoroughly owning the pig, he asks the cop for his name and he refuses. The cop says the man’s cell phone was somehow a weapon. The cops make it clear they don’t give a damn about the law, and the man in the video bravely points it out to their faces.

OKLAHOMA CITY – A controversial confrontation was caught on camera.
A YouTube video of an Occupy protest Thursday in Oklahoma City shows a clash between a protestor and an Oklahoma State Trooper.

Occupy protestor Jay Fox says he and others were protesting at the opening of a new expressway when the trooper in that video slapped his phone out of his hand.

Fox says the troopers had been following him around, and tension mounted when he turned his cell phone camera on them.

“I felt like I was a sacrificial lamb inside of a cult, a body of people standing around waiting to sacrifice me,” Fox said.




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