Syria Today, Iran Tomorrow, China Day After Tomorrow

Posted: January 6, 2012 in NEWS, WAR
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Saman Mohammadi

The invasions of Iraq, Afghanistan, and Libya were only the beginning.

When the Pentagon’s top strategists and geopolitical planners said that they envision endless war in this century, they meant they will start wars on every corner of the globe until all national governments acquiesce to their global political program.

The parasitic supranational banksters who rule the Pentagon and America want the planet in their pocket. And they will not stop waging wars for world domination until America’s usefulness to their grand historic project comes to an end. The American Empire is their little military toy, and the empire’s bankruptcy and death is part of their global political strategy.

How do you destroy an empire as big as America? As with previous empires, through debt and war.

The housing bubble and fraudulent war on terror, both of which drained trillions of dollars out of the pockets of American families and businesses, were not historical accidents. They were planned and implemented from the very top of America’s political, military, financial, academic, and media institutions.

The hijacked White House, Wall Street, and establishment media have taken America and the world for a big ride, and we have not reached the steepest slope on the ride yet. That part of the ride will come when USrael instigates a third world war in the Middle East and triggers a global economic collapse by unnecessarily attacking Iran, which poses no threat to Israel or the U.S.

Iran is not Iraq. A criminal attack on Iran could bring Russia and China into the equation.

Paul Craig Roberts, the former Assistant Secretary of the Treasury in the Reagan Administration and a former editor for the Wall Street Journal, said on the Alex Jones show on January 5, 2012, that Washington is not only targeting Syria and Iran, but also Russia and China.

“They’ve got Syria in their sights,” said Roberts, “they’ve got Iran in their sights. Even China. They now talk about their war plans for China. So they’re preparing big things for us: economic collapse at home, more wars abroad.”

Roberts said that the U.S. wars against Iraq and Afghanistan were acceptable imperial adventures according to Russia and China, but for Washington to pick a fight beyond these two countries amounts to national suicide for America. Roberts said:

“I think the Chinese and Russians didn’t get too disturbed about Iraq and Afghanistan, they may have seen it as a way of letting the Americans get themselves into a mess and bankrupt the government’s budget, and so on. But now it is getting closer and closer to them.

The overthrow of Gaddafi, the war against Libya, this was directed at the Chinese oil investments in Eastern Libya. The set up of Syria is directed at the Russian naval base in Syria. And if they hit Iran, as it certainly seems they intend to do with all of their rhetoric, this also threatens the Chinese investments in Iran and it is too close to Russia’s borders. So they’re now really risking some kind of a nuclear encounter here with two powers.”

The controllers of the American mind, who manage the global political dialogue about terrorism and the invented threat of Islam to the West, intend to use America to start criminal and destructive wars – but not to win them. Winning is not in the cards. The “wars” in Iraq and Afghanistan were a cruel joke. A foreign army can’t defeat a civilian population that hates to be occupied and humiliated.

Patriotic American soldiers were trained to fight as warriors, but they were deployed to play the role of the world’s corrupt policeman. What a waste of good men. They were sent on a false mission in which victory was designed to be ever elusive. They were sent on a wild goose chase throughout the Middle East.


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