Amid Austerity Measures, Mayor Calls for $1,000 Gun Snitch Reward in Newark, NJ

Posted: January 6, 2012 in NEWS, POLICE STATE
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New Jersey as a whole is in miserable financial condition, as the state’s pension system is on the ropes and cities have been forced to cut education and fire teachers. Cities like Camden and Newark have been particularly hard hit, with both making the money-saving decision to cut their police forces by almost half. Crime has predictably spiked through roof. Despite citizens being left with minimal protection against real threats, while the remaining police are forced into revenue generating roles, Newark Mayor, Cory Booker, has issued a “Gun Stoppers” video that looks like he’s hawking some get-rich-quick scheme that you’d see at 2 a.m. — Ya give us the guns; we give ya the cash! Just call the gun-grabbers snitch line and receive a cool grand, even if there is no conviction of a crime!

How callers are supposed to “know someone (is) carrying an illegal gun” doesn’t seem to be an important point to Booker.


  1. asdasdasdasg says:

    Oh, go run for president, Mr. Bill! Don’t you know that human beings are in their natural habitat when combatting each other?War is the norm peace is the aberation! jws

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